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By John Dukovich on Tuesday, May 15, 2007 7:00 PM
A lot of organizations are either setting up content management systems (CMS) for their websites, or they are hearing a lot about them and want to know if they should move toward using them. From a non-profit technology perspective, I think they make a lot of sense. Green Moon has both evaluated and recommended CMSs to our clients, as well as set them up and then let our clients run with them. What is a CMS? Simply put, it is a user-friendly system that allows people to update websites without having to know web design, HTML, JavaScript, or other technologies. The user only has to know how to type to add new content.  There are various flavors of CMS -- from free, very bare-bones, less-user friendly but very efficient do-it-yourself kits, to high-end, sophisticated systems that combine customer relationship management (CRM) with e-commerce and other complicated systems, which are often set up and  hosted by large companies (that charge big bucks for their services).  Which flavor is right for your organization?...
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