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Donation System Marketing Tips

Apr 22

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Thursday, April 22, 2010 7:00 PM  RssIcon

As a follow-up to our participation in the Day of Service at the 2010 Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC), I am posting an excerpt of our slide presentation. Our project was to work with an Atlanta-based nonprofit organization and identify technologies and strategies for them to begin receiving online donations. The crux of our presentation was focused on donation systems that we felt were the right fit for the specific organization we were helping. We are looking at trying to make that part of the presentation general enough for a broader audience. However, the part of our presentation that was focused on marketing donation systems is applicable to more organizations.

We have posted the marketing presentation on Slide Share where you can view it. Additionally, NTEN has posted many of the NTC2010 presentations on Slide Share as well.

You can move through the presentation slides -- and be sure to check the notes pages, as we have expanded explanations of the bullet points there. Additionally, all of the hyper links that were in the original PowerPoint presentation were successfully converted to links that are clickable in Slide Share.

A quick summary of the presentation is as follows: 

Start with Traditional Networking. Get mentioned in more newsletters – online and print. Work with local organizations and reciprocate links. Go to local events, fairs, trade shows, festivals and set up booths, work the crowds - get your face out there. Print your web address on giveaways, stickers. Ask for testimonials and post them on your website. Don't be afraid to ask people and organizations that you work with to mention your good works.

Website Strategies. Make it easy to donate. Put your Donate Now button in a prominent, above the fold location. Tailor the donation message -- e.g., on your 10 Things to Recycle page include a button labeled “Donate to improve local recycling!”. Use “tell a friend” features to help spread the word. Add a “Find us on Facebook” button. Use AddThis or ShareThis links. Engage your consituents by getting them to interact with your page - use blogs, comments, discussions, wikis. Capture email addresses for those who interact. Make sure your site can be found by search engines - check out these 10 steps.

External Marketing Ideas. Investigate listing your organization with "charity shopping malls", such as,, and Environmental organizations can check into portal sites like,, and Join and contribute to newsgroups and listservs (have a signature block with a link back to your site). Write a periodic column for the local newspapers.

Resources. We highly recommend the following resources: 

There's not one silver bullet for marketing. It is a multi-faceted approach and an on-going effort. Good luck! 


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