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Oct 13

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Thursday, October 13, 2011 9:53 AM  RssIcon

Kiss your paper sign-up lists and your endless email strings goodbye!  I’m sure your nonprofit has a sign up list of some kind, and I’ve found a tool to help you organize and follow through with those lovely lists!

Planning just got easier with SignUpGenius. It’s a free online tool that lets you create sign-up sheets for events, meetings, volunteers, parties, RSVPs, etc.  Recently I was asked to sign up for my son’s school event via SignUpGenius, and I found it to be quick and easy.  More importantly, I’ll even get an email reminder prior to the event, and I had the option to also receive a text message reminder. 

As an organizer you sign up for a free account with an email and password.  Create your event, type what type of event you are hosting, then you’re able to select time slots or items that you would like donated.  Choose how many slots that are needed for the sign up, and then SignUpGenius completes the rest.  They offer over 50 templates to customize your sign up page, so you can tailor it to your organization or your personality.  

Each user will be sent a link to your sign up page, and once they log in, they’ll automatically see what sign up spots are available.  They even have the option to swap time slots without you having to write one email or make one phone call, because the form and the reminders are automatically adjusted.  The organizer and the parties involved are sent an email to inform them of the change.

Key Features:


  • As the organizer, you will receive an email when someone has signed up
  • Customize when reminders are sent
  • Option to make your sign up public or private
  • Decide on one of three main lists:  People Genius, Party Genius  or Munchie Genius 

I hope that SignUpGenius makes planning your next event easier and greener!


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