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Spreecast & Osprey: Two Tools for Conference Organizers

Mar 13

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012 9:39 AM  RssIcon

SXSW is currently underway, and techies are wondering what startup or app will breakout as the hit of the event.  While I’m not a conference attendee in Austin, and I don’t have a crystal ball,  I’ve found two items that I’ve put on my watch list that have the potential to benefit both conference organizers and attendees.  

The first one that caught my attention is Spreecast.   Spreecast is “the social video platform that lets people broadcast together.”   All you need is a webcam and your browser to create an interactive broadcast that can be viewed and shared by your audience.  It allows up to four people (cameras) at once who can be on screen, and they can all be in different locations.  Viewers can chat or tweet in questions, and you can also embed the broadcast on your website or blog.  Broadcasts are public by default, but they can be set to private.  

How can conferences organizers and nonprofits use Spreecast?  

Broadcast a Q & A with speakers, or host a conference “talk show” with interviews and conference tips.  Invite the at home audience to participate by engaging in conference discussions.  If someone wants to join the discussion on screen, they send a request to the producer.  Broadcast live from your fundraising event.  To keeps things fresh, once in a while produce a broadcast instead of your monthly newsletter.

Secondly, I like to mention a Twitter tool that is on Green Moon’s watch list, and depending on how it’s received,  it may become open source:  Osprey

What does Osprey do?

“The tool collects the questions and thoughts submitted through @ replies to a Twitter account set up for the event. It then tweets them from the account.”  It makes it easier for your followers to opt out of Twitter feeds that don’t pertain to them.   It also lets the audience rank the comments and questions when they use the Twitter favorite feature.  

Be on the lookout for updates on these two tools.

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